The choice of the film is very important in making great cat kitten pictures. Don't compromise on it, get a good one. Also make sure to read carefully the instructions with respect to the installation and removal of the film. An overexposed film may result in unpleasant surprises.

Natural balanced lighting is generally the best. However, if your cat is under a table, a tree, etc., you will need a flash.

Cats are independent by nature and they react in their own personal way to a given situation. One will have a way to sneak in the refrigerator when you open it up, another will love a specific flower or another will lay down in his favorite spot in a particular way. These are actions that differentiate one cat from another and they are the perfect moment to make the best cat kitten pictures. So, be vigilant and constantly have your camera close by.

On the spot, spontaneous moments are difficult to pick up by the photographer. When your cat is confronted to a new situation he may have a new reaction and this is tough to photograph. You have to wait for the moment where your cat will react the same way again. If you are patient and you can predict those situations you can make outstanding cat kitten pictures. And if you have photographed an exceptional moment don't look for perfection in the photo. Remember that you are doing this for fun and for future memories.

This is crucial to good results. Let's expand on this.

The cat kitten pictures you take will reflect your vision of your feline friend. Cats spend a lot of time sitting or laying down and there are lots of opportunities to take great pictures of these positions. The "subject" may be in his normal day-to-day environment or you can set him up in a decor of your choice.

One of the most important element to remember is to adjust the camera to the cat and not the opposite. You will avoid a lot of headaches and "non natural" situations.

The objective of a cat kitten picture is to pick up the personality of the animal. If you know and understand your cat you will pay attention to his behavior and you will be able to take countless shots expressing his true nature. You can also pick up a number of reactions and gestures that are common to most cats : yawn, scratch his ears, lick his paws, etc. Patience and determination to catch the right situation will pay off.

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You can make professional cat kitten pictures with a good camera ...... and a cat !! Cats are a great subject for an amateur photographer ... and a cat lover. The evolution of your kitten to a cat will stay in your memories forever. With just a little bit of technique, precision and chance you can make great photos. Let's see how.

The basic rules to make good cat kitten pictures are the same for every photographer. Here are some tips :

More tips


Noticed a garbage can in the last photos or a human leg or bad lighting ? For your next cat kitten pictures, try to choose an environment where these "imperfections" can be avoided.

If natural light is not sufficient and you need to operate the flash, remember that it will reflect in the cat's eye and may blind him at the time the cat kitten picture is taken. To avoid this problem, photograph him side-face instead of front face. This is why exterior photography is always better. Not only do you maximize the use of natural light but you can play with shades and other effects of a natural decor. Remember not to take a photo directly in the light because the contrasts will be too pronounced.

If you have other animals or you have kids don't hesitate to use them. They will do great cat kitten pictures if you choose a typical day-to-day activity like a playing ball, bicycle riding, hide and seek, etc.
Bottom line? Your imagination and creativity are the only limits to the number and the quality of your cat kitten pictures!!

A good camera is indispensable to make good cat kitten pictures.. It does not have to be sophisticated but it should function properly. If you want to make a good picture you will need a special lens to catch particular characteristics of the cat such as fur, eyes, nose, etc.