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We are a small registered cattery and breed healthy, happy, well socialised kittens for breeding, showing and pet.

We’ve been breeding Persians for twenty years now, producing most colours in the Himalayans including tabby and specialising in chocolate series. By combining top lines from Britain, America and Europe, we consistently produce beautiful kittens with excellent type, deep eye colour, profuse pale coats, huge bone and sweet temperaments.

Our lines include;  Callyn, Katras, Homerkits, Kariston ,Toshika, Kiikatz, Cactusways,  Foxy,  Sultans, Keystone,  Misty Browns, Kittycharm , Desertwinds, Degentilly and other well known blood lines.

We aim to be a repository of information around cats and specific breeds. We do hope you'll enjoy this website and reach out to us for any cat-related needs!

About Ashaneeka Persians