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everthing about cats


We all know it’s easy to bribe a dog. Give him a sausage and he’s your friend forever.
Cats don’t trust strangers that give them food. And if you ever punish a cat, your chances of love and friendship might be right up in smoke.


Honesty, we adore it. People often have a hidden agenda. Cats don't. That is what we like about them. That is what makes them ideal characters for novel writers, filmmakers and photographers. That is what creates funny cats.
To name a few: the Cheshire cat from the Lewis Carroll classic Alice In Wonderland, Walt Disney’s Aristocats, Felix the Cat, Garfield, Tom of Tom & Jerry fame.
Famous names.

But there are also many cats that will stay anonymous forever, but make us smile by showing their feline behavior on pics, home videos, at home or out on the streets.
And yes, of course, YOUR cat is the funniest of all!

​​Funny Cats: Predators That  Make You Smile!

But why do cats make us smile?

They don’t tell jokes. They are not magicians. They do not have a sense of humor, at least not like we have. So it must be something different.

Is it their small face with these big round eyes? The way they play? The fact that they look like mini tigers but don’t have the ability to seriously hurt people?
Let’s broaden the question. If we find cats funny, it means that most people find it hard to be angry at cats. So why is it hard to be angry at cats?

You know, we should be scared of felines. An average panther can kill you within seconds. But once felines have the size of a cat, we feel relief. Suddenly they become cute.

Felines are predators, but when stimulating our fantasy, we very often see only funny cats. Cinemas, poster shops and book stores are full of them.
It's a fact. People - not only cat lovers - like to look at pictures of playing kittens, commercials with cats, humorous cat clip art, funny cat videos.