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Training to use a cat scratching post will be much easier if you have one right from the start when you first bring your kitten into the house. Use a few tricks to get his attention directed to the post, rub some catnip on it. The majority of cats will fall in love with this piece instantly.

A cat scratching post (vertical or horizontal) comes in a variety of colours, heights, with or without lures. Choose something sturdy that will not fall on your kitten or cat once he starts using it. Again, your cat`s size as an adult will determine how high you would like the cat post to be. The best ones are made of solid wood. Pay attention to how it has been made if you are not making your own. Some companies will offer presswood base or second quality wood pieces. If you choose a carpet covered piece, the carpet must be strong. The least number of seamlines, the better. Those are potential weakness points you will have to inspect from time to time. Look for materials that will not fade and change colour.

How to choose the right cat scratching post

Do-it-yourself cat scratching post kits must be carefully examined. Avoid glues. We often use too little or too much when doing it ourselves. Sizel rope is an interesting cover if using predried ropes. As it dries, the sizel rope expands and may break. Natural wood such as Cedar is a soft enough, cats will love to sink their claws into. No chemicals, dyes or wood treatment may have been in contact with this piece. A special process will have made the wood safe and sterile for your pet.
​It can be decorative as well as useful. A lure or two may add some fun features to the cat scratching post. Just like for young children you will seek strong materials and big parts to minimize the risk of choking or sufficating .

If for some reason your feline friend is not attracted to a cat scratching post and still goes after your furniture, try some of the following tricks :

  • Spray water at him. Be consistent, you must spray the cat every time your cat scratches the furniture
  • Cover the scratching area with a throw blanket
  • Use two way tape on the furniture, the sticky substance is an instant turn-off
  • Or use any trick that will surprise your cat when he gets close to the furniture

There you go ! With the above tips on cat scratching posts your cat's presence will be even more enjoyable !

All cats owners may have one day asked themselves, why my cat is destroying my furniture? This question totally makes sense. A cat scratching post will protect your belongings. Why ? Because a cat who is bored or does not like his toys will be more susceptible to damage your furniture. Cat scratching and stretching is a natural behavior essential to the cat`s health and growth. It is also a training technique to keep him fit and ready for hunting. Kittens love to scratch and climb on almost anything. If you have the right cat furniture, they will quickly learn to use the scratching post because humans will not be there to tell them "NO". Because we cannot change this type of behavior, the key is to distract them away from human furniture and attract them to their cat scratching post.